A selection of biscuits to make those disconnection moments sweeter and extra crunchy.

Cocoa Fans

Abanicos Cacao destacada

Fans covered in a delicious layer of cocoa. They are delicious eaten alone and also accompanied by coffee.

Vanilla Fans

Abanicos Vainilla destacada

Vanilla fans, ideal for decorating a composition of ice cream balls.

White Flautas

Flautas blanco destacada

Delicious long rolled waffle bathed in white coating to make a sweet break during the day or finish a nice meal.

Cocoa Flautas

Flautas Cacao destacada

This delicious long rolled waffle bathed in cocoa is a good complement to finish a meal or decorate a dessert.

Vanilla Flautas

Flautas Vainilla destacada

This long rolled vanilla wafer for its light texture and versatile flavor is a delicious pause at any time.

Bicolor Lemon Flautins

Flautins Bicolor Limón destacada

This bicolor lemon short rolled wafer will brighten any ice cream cup with its radiant yellow color.

Bicolor Cocoa Flautins

Flautins Bicolor Cacao destacada

This bicolor cocoa short rolled wafer will brighten up any ice cream cup with its radiant chocolate color.

Vanilla Flautins

Flautins Vainilla destacada

These vanilla short rolled wafers, for their light texture and versatile flavor, accompany a natural yoghurt as well as a strawberry ice cream or a chocolate cream.

Cocoa Hazelnut Crepes

Creps cacao avellana destacada

It is the perfect combination between our crunchy crepe and a taste similar to a famous spreadable cream.